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Andrew Whipple III

Mr. Whipple is the grand magistrate of debate, sacrificing embarrassing amounts of time arguing about anything gaming related. He’s also an avid protector of Final Fantasy VI, expert ship-crasher at Gradius and the prime chancellor of anything Mega Man. When he isn’t writing or playing them vid-ya games, Andrew is a huge New York Giants fan who loves watching terrible movies.



7 Reasons Why the Industry Needs Shovel Knight

Slowly, but oh so very surely, the indie gaming scene is becoming more and more exciting to behold. With the unrestrained rise of the Kickstarter phenomenon, studios both expansive and paltry in size can fasten a direct line to their consumers, allowing for games that would have otherwise never seen the light of day a glorious chance in the field; Shovel Knight is one of these titles.

PAX East 2014: WildStar interview with Jeremy Gaffney

My interview with Carbine Studios' President, Jeremy Gaffney!

PAX 2014: Orcs Must Die! Unchained interview with Robot Entertainment

My interview with Ian of Robot Entertainment about the latest Orcs Must Die! game!

Your Opinion Is Wrong: The Last of Us

It’s been months since the world has been given the opportunity to plunge into the creative, post-apocalyptic world of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us and what a journey it was. Taking on the overused setting of the typical zombie-survival variety, The Last of Us managed to provide a surprisingly unique viewpoint along with a truly involving narrative.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – A House Divided Review: Better Than The Best

We’re only a couple of episodes in and already The Walking Dead: Season 2 is proving to be the better of the two seasons. Given a mostly powerless adolescent as the lead protagonist in a consistently devolving world, Telltale continues to impress with its involving and tense narrative. Offering up several literal jaw-dropping moments along with genuinely surprising encounters, A House Divided can be summed up as everything you never thought it’d be.

Spec Ops: The Line interview

Military shooters are a tough business. Not because they're hard to make or incredibly rare to find - it's quite the opposite. The conflict at hand is that there are so many it's difficult to become seminal in a largely derivative format. Spec Ops: The Line hopes to destroy that trend being a third-person military shooter with an emphasis on, wait for it... the narrative.

Zombie B.C. Review – An Original Tale In an Over-saturated Genre

When the world has had enough of something it typically chews it up, regurgitates it and then, optionally, defecates on its battered, lifeless corpse. Such is the fate of the ubiquitous and overused zombie genre. Uninspiring as it is, what would you say to a team of relatively unknown artists taking a stab at the genre?

Your Opinion Is Wrong: Denis Dyack

Denis Dyack is a hated figure within the video gaming industry. Besides Jack Thompson there, perhaps, hasn’t been a figure so reviled in the business. Just over a year ago, Kotaku ran a revealing article that imposed Silicon Knights and Dyack as scam artists, looking to take advantage of whoever and whatever they could.

Livestream: Expeditions: Conquistador With Developer Logic Artists

Just in time to celebrate the May 30th launch of Expeditions: Conquistador, indie developer Logic Artists felt it necessary to showcase the title in the form of a livestream – with us! Starting at 2:30pm EST (6:30pm GMT) on Tuesday, May 28th, join us for a comprehensive look at the successful turn-based strategy Kickstarter project.

Your Opinion Is Wrong: Killzone: Shadow Fall

If there’s ever been a series with substantially polarizing opinions, I’d argue Killzone is one of the most contested. Exclusive to the PlayStation brand, Killzone’s motif generally lies with its otherworldly visuals. If you aren’t gasping for breath after witnessing a fly-by of the environment or at the aftermath of a firefight then either the game wasn’t doing its job or you’re aesthetically hopeless; probably the latter.

Chamber of Game: Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Livestream of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition!

Expeditions: Conquistador Review: One Unforgettable Journey

In the dark recesses of the neglected indie strategy corner, developer Logic Artists took it upon themselves to defy the unforgiving gods of game development by attempting something truly different. Constructing a historical, yet fictional, turn-based strategy title based around the ancient Spanish era of the Conquistadors, Expeditions: Conquistador explores a setting rarely used by contemporary video games.


Andrew Whipple III

Hello everybody! My name is Andrew Whipple III and, yes, I'm a freelance writer/interview who's been around since 2009.

Writing for various websites and appearing at renowned conventions such as PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) by invitation, my experience covering stories and dealing with people is vast. I'm a creative, passionate person who adores the gaming industry and strives to cover the most important stories out there. Quite honestly, you'll never find someone more energetic and committed than me.

The work I've displayed on this profile page showcases my many talents with interviews, livestreams and also several written pieces such as editorials and lists. I'm committed to helping the indie scene and hope some of my upcoming content helps these studios find even more success.

My ultimate goal is to find a permanent home with a company as passionate as I am!

Be it big company or solo indie developer, if you're interested in my service please don't hesitate to contact me!



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